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How do I change my network configuration?

So I need to connect to the internet in my new appartment and they gave me this piece of paper that says %26quot;Please put the following IP addresses into your network configuration%26quot; Then it gives me things like



Net mask:

Name Server:

Box number: 30

So what do I do with these numbers? My operating system is Windows Vista if that makes any difference. ThanksHow do I change my network configuration?
You should have not inserted your IP on here, but what you have here is a static ip, you will have to go into network connections and insert this into your Network card.

Go to start netwrok or netwrok connections, right click Local Area Connection and right click on internet protocol Version 4 and select properties, then insert you IP, Gateway and Net Mask witch is subnet mask into here. Hit apply and ok ok and you should be good.How do I change my network configuration?
Click on Welcome Center =%26gt; Connect to the Internet =%26gt; Establish a new connection =%26gt; Wired Connection. Follow prompts.How do I change my network configuration?
Ask a person who knows how to input that information into your computer.How do I change my network configuration?
modem, wireless network, or dongle

Please i need to know how to change my computer's IP and not Network IP?

i was in doubt that computer's ip and network ip are the same

but after a long research , i found that computer's ip never change

it's related to its name (computer name)

plz help :sPlease i need to know how to change my computer%26039;s IP and not Network IP?
I think prophet got it there, you are getting the MAC and IP mixed up. A MAC address is like a serial number or a car's VIN number, it does not change. But the IP address will probably change, it is not 'rubber stamped' on anything, it is given to you by either your router or your ISP. Normaly your cannot change it, your isp has control over you ip address most of the time(unless you are on a router)Please i need to know how to change my computer%26039;s IP and not Network IP?
You would be wrong.

You can have a static IP address that you create (as part of a private network), but most of the time you're using DHCP which creates a new IP everytime you log into the network.

Don't confuse the IP address with th MAC address of your network interface card (NIC). The MAC address is fixed - every NIC card has a unique MAC address.Please i need to know how to change my computer%26039;s IP and not Network IP?
Your question makes no sense. It would help if you stated why you needed to change it and then maybe we could help.

jPlease i need to know how to change my computer%26039;s IP and not Network IP?
If your computer is on a network that runs DHCP then you should not have to change the computer's ip. Sometimes though you will need to release and renew. Try this first - Go to Start-Run and type in CMD. In the command prompt type DHCP Release and wait a few seconds. Then type DHCP Renew. If you are not running DHCP or if this did not help your problem find My Network Places (either on desktop or in Start Menu) and right click on it and go to properties. Then find Local Area Connection (you may have more than one of these depending on your PC). It should say %26quot;Connected%26quot; underneath of it. If it does not say %26quot;Connected%26quot; then right click on it and choose repair and wait for that operation to complete... That may have fixed your problem. If it does say connected then right click on it and go to properties. Next double click on TCP/IP Settings and choose the Use The Following IP Address button. Type in the IP address you want to use. Hope this helps.Please i need to know how to change my computer%26039;s IP and not Network IP?
You cant really change your ( WAN IP) wide area network IP. Your ISP assigns it to you. There are 2 types,one is dynamic that is subject to change on cable or DSL but on dialup changes everytime you connect. The second is static , it never changes and is used for websites or servers. Is there a reason you want to change it. Is someone trying to attack your local network or something? You can take measures to keep people out other than changing your addyPlease i need to know how to change my computer%26039;s IP and not Network IP?
I am not sure what are you talking about of %26quot;computer's IP%26quot; and %26quot;Network IP%26quot;. I am guessing the %26quot;computer IP%26quot; you mentioned is internal IP and %26quot;Network IP%26quot; is public IP. If it is your case, in that situation of your being able to see two different IP in your computer (using ipconfig /all, i think) your computer may directly connect to the modem, not router and modem. In that case, the internal IP doesn't mean anything, and it won't change. The public IP is the IP you get from modem, it may change when you restart the modem.

Alan Yang @ Iron Oak IT inc., Calgary, AB


One computer won't connect to the internet.?

We have four here and only one isn't working. When I try to connect it says that the server is not connected. Everything looks connect to us (we're at work). We pulled up an Advanced System Information Error Log and it says the following: The server could not bind to the transport \Device\NwInkIpx because another computer on the network has the same name. The server could not start. Please help.

This is the first time this has happened since we got the computers last year. How did the names duplicate? We checked them all and it says the are all different. And if we change the name, what do we change it to? Right now it's just a bunch of numbers.One computer won%26039;t connect to the internet.?
Do you have 2 PC's with the same name? Right click on My Computer and select Properties. Then go to computer name. Make sure each PC has its own unique name and IP address ( don't know if your using DHCP or not).

I would unjoin the PC from the domain and add it back and see if that helps.One computer won%26039;t connect to the internet.?
You can name the computer whatever you want to. If it says this, then it sounds like another computer on your network somehow has the same IP Address as another one, which is why it's not working. Try making sure the computer doesn't have a static IP address, and if it does then change it to DHCP, so it will get a new address. I hope this helps.One computer won%26039;t connect to the internet.?
The answer, like you said is in the error. You can change the name of the pc to anything you want. If it is just a number and the name is not important to you you can just add another number to the end of the existing number or you can give it a name like %26quot;rosie%26quot;

Right clik %26quot;my computer%26quot; and select properties. Select %26quot;Computer%26quot; and click change...follow the steps.

I have verizon wireless internet at home?

i just got another lab top but for some reason it wont let me hook up to my wireless network.

In the %26quot;Connect to a network%26quot; field it show's my wireless network name but it keep saying %26quot;the settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network%26quot; what does that mean? and how do i change the setting?I have verizon wireless internet at home?
call verizon and they can control your computer from their office. its pretty cool too u can see your cursor moving and stuff, but yea they will help you. its free too

How can I get my computers to 'see' each other on a home network?

I just purchased a new computer running Windows XP Professional and I wanted to hook it up to my old computer (running XP Home) to transfer my files. We already had a (non-wireless) router set up in the house, so I hooked both computers to it and ran the Windows 'home network setup' wizard. When it finished, the new computer could see the old one, but didn't have permission to access it. The old one couldn't see the new one at all. I ran the windows troubleshooter a couple of times and it kept saying that it was detecting that the old computer had a duplicate name, but nothing changed when I went into System and changed the name and description. File sharing is supposedly enabled and both computers had internet access, so I don't THINK it's the router. Does anybody have an idea what might be wrong? Thanks in advance.How can I get my computers to %26039;see%26039; each other on a home network?
Step by Step:

1. Right Click on my computer in desktop

2. Choose Computer Name Tab

3. Below 2 choices. Network ID and Change. Choose %26quot;Change%26quot;

4. Computer Name: Type any name but be sure the two computer must not have the same name. Example Pc1 and Pc2

5. You will see a Tab Domain and Workgroup. Choose Workgroup and be sure your name is the same your 2 computer . Example: name Hi. Pc1 and Pc2 Workgroup name must be %26quot;Hi%26quot;.

6. Restart 2 computer.

7. Be sure you check the folder or the drive to make it share. Example: My Documents Folder: Right Click it then choose sharing. Then check the box %26quot; SHARE THIS FOLDER ON THE NETWORK%26quot;


FINISH!How can I get my computers to %26039;see%26039; each other on a home network?
turn the webcams on, face them to each other, then they should be able to see each other. wah wah wah, kiddingHow can I get my computers to %26039;see%26039; each other on a home network?
Put webcams on them and point them at one another.How can I get my computers to %26039;see%26039; each other on a home network?
There's tons of settings that could be wrong. Try sharing folders. Make sure both have a unique name and so on. Failing that, turn the computers so the monitors face each other.How can I get my computers to %26039;see%26039; each other on a home network?
You have to make sure they are all part of the same %26quot;workgroup%26quot;. Do this by going to your my computer icon and right clicking, selecting properties. Click on the network tab and scroll down to where the workgroup box is. Select your work group name and type it in. Make sure all the computers have a different %26quot;computer%26quot; name but the same work group name. All computers should then be able to see each other.How can I get my computers to %26039;see%26039; each other on a home network?
Sounds like you're doing everything right. When you do Home Network Setup you selected %26quot;I will run setup wizard on other computer%26quot; right? Sometimes you have to restart after this as well.

For the folders that you want to share you have to enable sharing. Find a folder, do a right click, go to properties, then the Sharing tab, and click %26quot;Share this folder on a network%26quot;.

Now go back to %26quot;My Network Places%26quot; and you should see the folder there on the other computer. If not select %26quot;add a network place%26quot; and browse for the folder to add.

Sounds like you got it, just restart both and try this.How can I get my computers to %26039;see%26039; each other on a home network?
Make sure you ran the Network Wizard on both PC's, and they have unique names. Then restart %26amp; it should recognize both PC's on the network the put everything in the shared folders. Nothing is wrong with the router! It is in the way it was set up. Hope this helps!! If not contact me and I will lead you in a better wayHow can I get my computers to %26039;see%26039; each other on a home network?
Just try remote desktop but before than your much find first the IP address of the computer you to look on. Just go run of the computer you want to look on type %26quot;ipconfig%26quot; then the IP address will display cony this order to used it. Just go to on you computer the go to remote desktop located on the program-accessories the communication then remote connection. The rest you much read the message.How can I get my computers to %26039;see%26039; each other on a home network?
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    Ok so I recently Changed my name to Addi Cooper But my real name is Addi Jankins. But now I want to change it, so about 2 weeks ago I went to change my name, waited 24 hours, and NOTHING!, I have now tried resetting my name 20 times and I've E-Mailed 3 different E-Mail adresses found on the internet but with no Reply. Ive also filled out a complaint form several times explaining why name should be changed . Not only that but I called Facebook several times and they said their office was not open, ive called 12 times, on weekdays. Lastly, you would think that the largest social networking site in the world would have a better way of helping its users. So , Im asking you for any other email addresses, phone numbers, ANYTHING, that could help me, AT ALL?FACEBOOK TROUBLESHOOTING, How to fix name?
    Okay, wow. First off, calm down. You do realize that in the grand scheme of things, you're freaking out over nothing, right?

    I can't believe you've actually called them on the phone for this. RELAX.

    Now, go in and go to Settings.

    Click Account Settings.

    The very first thing that comes up is Your Real Name. To the right of that, in blue letters, is a clickable word called %26quot;Change%26quot;.

    If for some reason this works for everybody in the world but you, consider abandoning that Facebook account and creating a new one in your real name.

    Seriously, this sounds like your blood pressure skyrocketed over it and it's not a big deal. At all.FACEBOOK TROUBLESHOOTING, How to fix name?

    How do I remove a wireless network from my Netgear router?

    What I've done is apparently set up a new network. In reconnecting my router (gone for the summer), I went to the website and was working with the settings to configure the router and to try to get the blasted thing to work (turns out I needed to restart the modem). Well, I changed the name from %26quot;Netgear%26quot; to %26quot;Ed%26quot; as the help box recommends, verified it was secure, and got on the network. But now when I open my wireless network connection utility thing, both %26quot;Ed%26quot; and %26quot;Netgear%26quot; show up as an available network. Although I automatically connect to %26quot;Ed%26quot; and it is secured, the %26quot;Netgear%26quot; option shows no security. I'd like to delete this so my system is more secure, but I'd also take suggestions on how to enable security. I just don't want to have to do a router reset and start all over. When I'm looking at the wireless settings feature on the above site, I only get to edit one network at a time. I'm kind of an idiot....can anybody help? How do I remove a wireless network from my Netgear router?
    i would start with a restore to factory default. There should be a hole near the power cord, use a paper clip and hold that in for 30 seconds. If you still have the manual read it and follow instructions, or go to manufactures website and download a manual. If you setup a wireless system, encrypt it and password protect it so neigbours can't access it.How do I remove a wireless network from my Netgear router?