Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How can I rename my wireless network?

I just bought a router for my new laptop,and set it up under a name which is too personal. I want to change the name of the Wireless network that shows up when I go to connect to the internet.How can I rename my wireless network?
Reset the router and reconfigure it like the first time. There should be a very small button somewhere on it that you would push with a pencil tip or a paper-clip. Usually, you hold it in long enough for lights to blink, then you go through the software again as if you'd never done it the first time.How can I rename my wireless network?
Routers generally allow you to administer them via a browser interface (i.e. connect to it using the web browser on your laptop).

You'll need to check the documentation that came with the router to find out what the default IP address, login and password are (you should change the password ASAP).

The 'name' of the network is known as the SSID; you can basically set this to anything you want.

While you're in there, make sure you secure your wireless network as well. I recommend using WPA or WPA2 and a randomly generated key.